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Hi Friends

Hi friends, We should say three cheers for the people who have been the role models for conducting the event with lot of josh and true spirits. The event which had concluded on 9th and 10th Jan 10 will be cherished as the first event of the school by the ex students. i feel proud to be the student of KVNAD. I could not attend the event but i can imagine how rocking it was. I feel very sad that i could not be a part of it. But hearing about the great things about the event makes me jeolous of the people who have attended it. I will definitely be a part of the next event. Hey i want to convey a message to the people who have not funded for the event plz give funds so that the outstanding dues can be met with. Lets make the next event more big bashing and rocking. Once again three cheers for the people who are behind the sucessful event. Those who could not ateend the event , lets meet in the next event and rock guys. Plz be a part of it and enjoy with the sweetest memories behind you. Lets plan for a Ex students meet again and be a part of every event which will be planned in future. Thanks To krishnam specially. You had been the essence of the alumni association. Three cheers for our teachers to who have come from a very long way to be a part of the evnt. We are grateful to u for making us fighting fit for the future to come. Regards K Kiran Kumar Indian Navy. Tamil Nadu

To All the Great Teachers In This World by Ravi Kiran 1998

A Message of Thanks

Thank you for being such wonderful teachers, exemplary role models and caring people. Thank you for knowing your subjects and sharing your knowledge. Thank you for not being afraid to treat students like real people. Thank you for showing acceptance, approval, and appreciation. These are all gifts that are so important to a student’s development and that your students will always remember, just as they will also remember you. Words of encouragement, a little respect, and simple gestures of kindness from a teacher promote the perfect climate for students to study, learn and grow. Your attitude translates into a spirit of friendliness and good will towards others in an atmosphere of creative freedom, joy and ease, and you foster this feeling in your classroom.

I salute the good work you’ve done. I appreciate the people you are, and I think you for your positive influence. You have passed on invaluable instruction and wisdom and created pleasurable moments associated with learning that will Always be sweet memories. Thank you for answering the call to be teachers. Thank you for the enduring impression you’ve made In the lives you have touched.

Every community needs people like you. Your contributions are immeasurable. Your lessons are permanent.

You improve our world.

You are so important.

Last but not the least, You are the people who guided us in a right path..

Jai Hind…

“Jai Ho!” KV NAD Vizag

Hey everybody, This is Usha Ramani of 1996 batch (better known as V.B. Rao sir’s daughter). It is a real home coming for me to come here . I sincerely appreciate all your efforts to make our alumni association “work”. About me i have worked for four years as an Assistant Professor in M.V.G.R Engineering college, Vizianagaram and now two years back joined my husband in expanding our consultancy business and throughout my career i never hesitated to fall back on the rich experiences i had during my school days. In fact i outgrew inhibitions¬† like stage fear, public speaking, taking initiative etc which were so common with other people. Being an active sports person too helped me in standing out in a crowd and today with only five years experience i am able to pursue various entrepreneurial endeavors, i attribute all the credit to my schooling at KV NAD Vizag. “Jai Ho!” to all our teachers who have instilled that sort of confidence in us. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful institution and hope to make it proud .

Yours loving,

Usha Ramani (V.B.Rao sir ki beti)

Hi friends, Kiran Kumar once again…

I am suprised sometimes about our attitude towards life. We have become a workholic who doesn’t even look back to see some good old memories tagged behind us . I was in the same category of people, but once i dared to look back that is when i attended the first meeting of KVNAD Alumni Association. I got immense satisfaction and felt that we have missed many beautiful and sweet moments of our school life . I got confidence that we can refresh the same old memories one day with the people who were a part of my life for more than ten years. How can a person forget that the basic life of a person starts at school . The school life can never come back but atleast the memories can flash back in our life. I am tired of being that man machine who doesn’t even have the guts to look back to see what he is /was missing. Come on guys break the chains of your busy life and fly in the sky of your dreams and memories. KV NAD Vizag Alumni Association can breathe back life into our busy lives. Be a part of it and you will feel immense satisfaction. I had been the part of almost all the meetings . But now i am in Tamilnadu so i cannot attend the meetings. But i had planned my leave for the event in December 2009.

I hope you all will understand the motive behind the formation of the KV NAD Alumni Association . I have a dream to make this association the biggest and the greatest association in the history of all the Kendriya Vidyalaya’s all over India.  I want to make our event and our association as a role model. But we have a big task a head so lets get together for a new beginning and pledge to give our support for our very own association that is KV NAD Alumni Association. Whenever i login to  Orkut, i make sure that I send messages to every possible member of orkut to join the association who is from our school. I got positive response from many ex-students. I am glad to be the Relationship Co-ordinator of KVNAD Alumni association and will work for it till I am responsible for it. You can mail me your details to join the association . My email ID Ok guys make some changes in ur busy life and i bet you will definitely give you will feel better. I thank Krishnam for giving life to my previous article and all the others who have read it.
Kiran Kumar
Indian Navy
Tamil Nadu

A great story about a reunion of students of Saraswathi Public School

Hi Everybody,

This is Kiran Kumar from batch 1996. I wanted to share some heart touching moments with you all . There was a reunion of students of Saraswathi Public School few days back at Dolphin Hotel. It was a very hectic task for the few ex-students who had planned for the event as they had joined the school in 1964 and completed class X in 1970. At that time the class strength was about 45(Only boys). Now after so many years you would have realised how old they had become. Now the ex-students are in their forty and fifties. When i heard about this i got surprised to know that at this age how can they trace their classmates, who may be working in different fields and different places. They don’t even know how to send and email or how to orkut. But finally, they had a nice get together and even felicitated their teachers (two females) who had become very very old. You can imagine the age of their teachers when the age of the ex-students is in forties and fifties. They had a wonderful time that evening. I was surprise how can a batch of few people / ex-students can organise such an interesting reunion.

I know the next question in ur mind will be how do i know about all these things. I had not read this in any newspaper . I felt very glad to meet the few people/ ex-students who had taken the initiative for this thing to happen. I feel proud to say that the people about whom i am talking about are my father’s Classmates. Being in thier forties if they have such zeal to meet each other. I am glad to be part of it and will be part of it for ever. I request all of you to come together to plan for the mega event planned in December 09. I am desperately waiting for the day to come. Be a part of it and u can understand the basic thing behind the hardwork of my father’s classmates that is high motivation and right attitude. Three cheers for the KV NADVizag  Alumni Association team . Keep watching this column for more and more information. Thank you.


I hope this incident which i had mentioned will change your/our feelings and motivate you to come forward to be part of it. We are planning to have meeting on 14 June . So plz come surely for the meeting.


Kiran Kumar – Batch 1996
Core Member & Relationship Coordinator
Indian Navy
Tamil Nadu

Shebu Varkey of Batch 1998 has something to say!

Hi everybody

On 30 April 2009 the whole school was buzzing as it was the time to celebrate Annual day. All the ex-students in Vizag who did not attend the Annual day celebration have lost a beautiful moment and a memorable occasion which you would have remembered for a life time. Thanks to all those who attended the celebrations. I like to share the experience with all of you. I had to rush from my office directly to school as I was getting late. As I reached Krishnam was already on stage talking about our alumni association objectives and its proceeding. He also emphasized on the merits of studying in KV NAD Vizag. I think I need not to explain how good Krishnam is when giving a speech, but I would have been happy if one of our seniors from our association’s core member of the community would have taken that responsibility. Secondly, I was disappointed to know that even after we took initiative to send message/SMS to your phones not even t10% percent have replied to us. It would be better picture of us if we have attended in good large number.


First was welcome speech as usual, then Krishnam’s speech, followed by prize distribution in which a noticeable point one our junior Ravi Teja has broken all records set by our classmates and scored 97.6%  beating last year Vinnetha at 90.3%. We thought no one can ever beat Akshat and Rethish, but they have done it in style and we have to accept it.

Then it all started with a welcome dance by cute first and second class students then  Bharathanathyam dance was good to see, then a group song by music ma’am, skits which was mostly themed on grandparents and there importance on our life.  By the way KV NAD Vizag also celebrated Grandparents day the same day. Last but not least a group dance for “Jai ho” was amazing it made all a stand still.

I met drawing ma’am, Sarla ma’am. When I was standing near our entrance, Manjula ma’am saw me, and she stopped and within a second asked me “Shibu varkey, how are you?”  She enquired about my family. Oh god! After ten years someone in school remembers me like that, I have not visited school in this ten years and I am not in any merits board in our school man. It’s amazing she have last taught in second class or third it around 17 years of good talking with her. I too rock mmmmmmmmmmm.


See, like this someone of you would have felt the same, if u had attended. So do make positive move next time

your loving big B
shibu varkey

Krishnam please send it to all.




Krishnam Raju
Communications, Branding and IT
KV NAD Vizag Alumni Association

A message to everyone from Dr. Naga Seema – Batch 1996

Dear Friends,

Hope you all are doing well.

Dr. Naga Seema from 1996 batch has written something beautiful for all the teachers and KV NAD Vizag. Please read it and feel the importance that she gives to very thing that is related to our school.


Dear Krishnam Raju

Kindly read out this message to all our teachers.., students and principal.

Respected Principal Sir, Teachers and my dear student friends!

I am Dr. N.D.S. Naga Seema, Assistant Professor, Centre for Health Psychology, University of Hyderabad.

I was a student of this prestigious school in 1995-96 batch. Greetings to u all.

This gives me an immense pleasure in sharing my feelings today. I regret for my inability to attend this annual day celebrations as I just saw the Alumni website for the first time at 4:30 pm today.

Dear Teachers,

Thank you for all your and guidance and above all a motherly touch that nurtured me throughout my 10 years foundation in KV NAD Vizag.

I still remember..Praveena ma’am, Manjula ma’am, Sarala ma’am, I K Gosh – Music teacher, Shastri sir, Bose sir , Milind Kasare sir and many more.

My learning in this school was the golden years for my career platform, that transformed me as a Psychologist and as an Academician.

I am very much grateful to you.

Thank you very much. Looking forward to see u all in future.

I miss you all.



Dear students,

KV NAD Vizag is the most prestigious school. Learn and acquire as much knowledge as you can from all our teachers. I wish u all a great success.

Best of luck.

I congratulate the KV NAD Vizag Alumni Association for doing a great job. I shall be a part of this association soon.

Dr. N.D.S. Naga Seema

Assistant Professor, Centre for Health Psychology, University of Hyderabad



Hope you all liked it.


Thanks and regards,


Ex-student Suresh from Indian Navy

hi guys
i loved your work of regrouping the old students
i am Suresh working in Navy
i was surprised to see all the photographs which was lost in the virtual emory of the past
any help please let me know
keep on the good work

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