I am sorry but that’s how the India is ..

So my country -India celebrated Children’s Day on Nov 14th that they celebrate every year. All I can say best of luck to all the Indian Tots. Your Indian parent is going to “dream” what you want be when you grow ,even before you celebrate your 1st birthday . Which essentially will take less than 1 minute of the parents time. But now its on the onus of the poor kid irrespective of his capabilities and interests , whether he has to sacrifice his own dreams and live upto the dream’s for their poignant/emotionally blackmailing Indian parents. All I can pray for you -the Indian kid, hope your parent doesn’t dream for you to be – The Prime minister of India or an I.A.S or a Cardiologist or an IITian or a 5 figure US salaried person. Then your life is gone.If you as child won’t follow your parents dream … you will be labelled as a wayward child .Period. But you have a choice…a Hobson’s choice.

I am sorry but that’s how the India is .. how we think as parents irrespective of the parents formal education.( He can be uneducated or highly qualified Dr/engineer/Businessman) ..Our kids have to live with it with no choice or else we will ensure to brand them as a problem child.

PS: A lot to learn..a lot to emulate from America..God bless our Indian kids.

By  Ravi Kumar Killi


Picture source: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/

Published by KV NAD Vizag Alumni Association

KV NAD Vizag Alumni Association

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