I love my school, I love my teachers

“I love my school”, “I love my teachers”, “I miss my school”, “The best school in the world” and so on and so forth…

We often come across the above from time to time when we meet our school friends once in a blue moon. We all are busy with our and our work and we are in our own world. Chanting the above lines again and again, year after year doesn’t do any good. Then what will do any good?

Let me share the secret with you. When you leave school, complete your bachelors and masters and when you become a successful professional then the right time comes to inspire society. When I say society I would like to stress on our schools. You should start with your school.

Go to your school, meet teachers and meet students. Talk to Principal of the school and take permission to talk to students and inspire them with your story. Share with them about your school days, tell them what kind of student you were and tell them how teachers inspired you when you were in school. Talk to them about the world that you have seen. Guide them on what they should  concentrate and inform them about the latest happenings in your field of expertise. You as an ex-student and a successful professional can inspire students of this generation.

Remember sometimes we say to ourselves?  “Wish there was some one to guide me then.” Yes we know how it feels when no one guides us. But today we have all means to guide many students.

So think about it and plan how you are going to inspire students of our school.

Do you want to talk to present students of KV NAD Vizag? Do you want to inspire them? Then please get in touch with Alumni and we would arrange for your talk. Email us your details to comms@kvnadvaa.com

Looking forward for you to inspire the current generation.


Published by KV NAD Vizag Alumni Association

KV NAD Vizag Alumni Association

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