Who is the best teacher?

Hello KV NAD Vizagites!

Hope you guys are doing well.

For the past few weeks KV NAD Vizag Alumni core members are observing many new Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages which are created by few enthusiastic ex-students of KV NAD Vizag.

Its a pleasure to see all the ex-students of KV NAD Vizag coming together to their school memories.

But underneath all this many junior/senior ex-students are loosing sight of an important thing.

Let’s not judge, comment or give our opinions on our teachers. No teacher is the best or 2nd best. All teachers are best. We learn many things from every teacher. Teachers are next to our parents. 

If you are asking who is the best teacher then it is similar to ask who is the best among – Mother and Father?

So, as matured and educated Ex-KV NAD Vizagites lets not judge and give rankings to our teachers. We must respect all our teachers and we must give all teachers the same credit and position.

Even teachers are human beings and every human has some flaws. So lets not find flaws in each other. Lets just share what’s good. Can you tell who is perfect on this earth? No one, so lets not find flaws in others.

Lets regard our teachers for ever they taught us and what they wanted us to become. Let’s just thank them for what we are today. We are lucky that our teachers don’t demand for a Guru-Dakshina. They just give their best to us at shcool and they continue doing that. Few percentage of students actually get back to teachers who were a part of their success and show gratitude.

At the moment you may feel like you are superior to teachers with your Corporate jobs, On-site tours, MBA, Engineering and abroad studies but just go back to school days and see how high our teachers were in our imagination and thoughts. They taught us things which we never knew or understood in the beginning of our lives. That was the beginning of you of what you are today.

At the end, gratitude and respect counts. So who can be better people to show gratitude than our teachers who taught about life?

We at Alumni HQ are not offending anyone but we are just heart the way many of you are judging and commenting our teachers.

Last but not the least – Let’s not judge our teacher’s credibility. They are not things.

Have a good day!

Krishnam (Batch 1998)
Alumni Communications Team

Published by KV NAD Vizag Alumni Association

KV NAD Vizag Alumni Association

One thought on “Who is the best teacher?

  1. Milind Kasare was the Best teacher i ever had in my life,becoz of him i had interest in hindi and still i maintain good interaction with north indian friends.


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