Raining in English

It was in the year 95-96 when I was in Class VIII, Section B. Renu Joshna ma’am taught us English and I still remember, cherish and rejoice each and every incident that took place in the class. They are classics for me.

It was the last period before lunch (5th period). As one of our teachers was absent the whole class was enjoying the free period – Shouting or making noise in proper school terms. That day the noise was louder than usual. 

It was cloudy, myself and many of my classmates stood near the windows and were enjoying cool breeze. Our classroom was just above the entrance to the school from the main road which was parallel to our school building. Suddenly it started raining and the whole class rushed towards the windows to catch a glimpse of the rain. Many stretched their hands out through the windows and were enjoying the rain drops.

Suddenly the whole class turned dead silent and it appeared for a while that everyone has left the classroom. I continued enjoying the rain along with my friend. And like a thunder I heard some one shouting at us, “What are you doing?”. Both of us were shocked to see Renu Joshna ma’am standing at the entrance door and looking at us like a hungry Lion. We ran back to our benches. It didn’t took long as we were back bencher’s in those days. 

Ma’am quickly occupied her seat and asked myself and my friend to stand-up. She asked me about what I was staring through the window so seriously. I said, “Nothing ma’am”. She growled and asked me once again the same question. In my broken English I said, “I was seeing the rain.”. She correct, “No, don’t say seeing rain. Say you were enjoying / observing the rain”. I repeated the same. 

Then ma’am with a little smile said, “As you were enjoying the rain, tell the whole class about how you were admiring the rain through the window.”. I could already hear some of my gang members and few brilliants smiling happily from under the desks. 

I couldn’t speak anything for a long time as my English was in real bad situation. It was real embarrassed in front of the class. I was murmuring, “Yes, No and All right.”.  Those were the kind of phrases I was comfortable with. But ma’am was getting angry and I had to say something to save myself from the Lion’s den.

I thought I had to start else I will be brutally hunted in English language. So, I started, “The clouds changed colour from white to black. Big sounds started coming down with big lights. Big winds blowed. All tress, leaves and mud started flying in the air. Suddenly rain fall down and some ladies running under trees, some peoples also running under trees. School children going for lunch cannot run and rain fall on them. Trees waving in big winds and big sounds again and again and…….” and next thing I heard, “Stop, stop, stop…. enough, enough, enough” and the whole class along with ma’am burst in to laughter. I was happy and thought it was dam good. Actually not sure what I was thinking after that brilliant effort.

Ma’am said, “You tried but it was pathetic use of English as language.”. She asked the entire class to read Newspaper everyday to improve sentence formation. Then everyone slowly slipped in to our lesson.

This is the incident I laugh over whenever I think of it. Till class 8th I was real poor in English and I picked some little from Class IXth. Still learning a lot every day 😉 

I still remember, I won CCA prize under the guidance of Renu Joshna ma’am who asked me to take part in the elocution competition. I still remember I was from Lakshmi Bai house and I bagged the first prize. I spoke few paragraphs from Swami Vivekananda’s renowned paragraphs – “My child, what I want is muscles of iron and nerves of steel, inside which dwells a mind of the same material as that of which the thunderbolt is made.” 

Renu Joshna ma’am got posted to KV NAD Vizag when we just moved to Class VI. I still remember I played Malgudi’s Swaminathan’s role under her guidance along with few seniors and most popular Manoj, Ravi Kishore and so on.

So, this is one of my memories from a million, related to school days. Hope you guys liked it.

Krishnam Raju A (Batch 1998)

Published by KV NAD Vizag Alumni Association

KV NAD Vizag Alumni Association

3 thoughts on “Raining in English

  1. wow!!!!….what a nostalgic blog! it is simply splendid…..it reminds me of those thrilling as well as memorable days at school when our innocence and foolishness were at their peak……..awesome effort,kudos for the blog.. 🙂


  2. Hi all,I don think the whole KVNAD Batch , no one being exceptional ( Sorry seniors I have seen many of u too ) have cried one day or the other…. Ma,am was blunt in all most all instances… A few things to remember when Renu Ma’am presence in the class:Pin drop silenceSome one or the other getting a dose…kyun ki we rare spoke english Oh my god atleast i wont forget the RED INK in each n every page of my note book.it was the most happiest moment obviously the rarest of rare…that one has got VERY GOOD or GOOD in the corrections…Dangerous moment: Renu Ma’am call you on dias for correction of UT, half yearly etc u find all red n ,-. CAP letters, spelling mistakes….flying all arund our eyes… But finally we are left with few single digits in UT n nearly pass marks in half yearly n annual…we are introduced to ” Wren n Martin ” …a bible for Grammer… Guys today am able to express the good old school moment, only because Teachers like Renu Ma’am & our Cool sir Markendeyulu sir….Krish u just helped me in rejuvinating those thoughts. thanks man.


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